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It is nothing short of amazing just how many useable school supplies such as computers, books and furniture are thrown on the skips. David Miles-Hanschell actively seeks out these supplies and re-cycles them by using containers to ship them all over the world to schools desperate for such items.


goods shippedout for youngsters


Educational supplies sent from Scotland are unloaded after arrival in Liberia


Educational supplies sent from Scotland are unloaded after arrival in Liberia.

The latest shipment of surplus educational materials organised by Bute resident and former island teacher David Hanschell has reached its destination.

David’s Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation (SESF) sent a 40-foot container from Scotland to the Liberian capital of Monrovia just before Christmas - and David, who lives in Rothesay, received confirmation this week that the unloading process had been completed.





David HanschellBute resident and former teacher David Hanschell is set to hit the road to raise awareness of his efforts to send surplus educational material from Scotland to communities hit by poverty and natural disaster in Africa and the Caribbean.

David, who li is the man behind the Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation, which has sent educational equipment to Grenada, Nicaragua, Tanzania and Liberia over the last seven years.

Now he plans to spread the word about the Foundation’s work on a sponsored cycle around the schools of Arran and Argyll and Bute.

“I’m going to try to cycle from Wemyss Bay to Ardrossan, catch the ferry to Arran and talk to the school pupils there, go to Kintyre to visit Campbeltown Grammar and then cycle to the joint campus in Lochgilphead,” David told The Buteman.

“I’ve never done this sort of thing before, but the community on Bute has always been very generous in its support for what the Foundation has done and I’d be grateful for any sponsorship from the island.”



grenadaGrenada a little background. 1492 Christopher Columbus. Conception. Colonisation by the French. A turbulent history. Sugar ,Cocoa and Coffee. Slavery. A place for Poor Whites.Deracination, miscegenation and  stratification. Scots and English plantocracy. The legacy and cost of colonialism. Absentee landlords and landlordism An ill- divided society. Independence, Revolution and Invasion. An island of heartbreak and happiness. Racial mix and cultural pot pourri.Frustrated ambition and unrealised potential for the majority. The fortunate few emigrate and succeed.

The tourism brochure image of illusion. Fleeting visits and superficial appreciation of a rapidly  diminishing tropical paradise. Cruise ships in and out of St George’s harbour. An air –conditioned  bus tour roun’ de island; and return to comfort, safety and the prospect of further opportunity.

My preferences:- Rain Forest Multiculture. Fruits and fishing .if I don’t get a migraine from the Tropical glare, it’s my ideal  island; if  only I could reverse the tide of history and at a stroke ,and  repair the damage done to so many and on so many levels.



Dear David,
How are you? I hope you and SESF are doing well. I am really sorry that I have not been in touch in a very long time. As I went back to uni for 3rd year I realised that I literally didn't have a spare day, not even on the weekends, realising this I knew I wouldn't be able to help you in the way you had hoped, I just didn't any spare time to dedicate to you and SESF but I always thought maybe I will so I kept leaving it. I am really sorry.
As for the boxed that SESF transported over to Tanzania, they were not given out to local projects until I arrived there this summer.  They had been kept in the nursery school waiting for me to come back, even though I had told them to give them to certain schools.



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David’s initiative is growing at the same time as the Global Campaign for Education is launched to promote education as a basic human right and put pressure on governments to provide free, compulsory basic education. …David Hanschell’s plan to ship educational equipment to Grenada could be the ultimate school recycling scheme’ - Leanna Maclarty article in Herald Society Supplement 05/06/2007 ‘Hands-and a Few Container Loads-Across the Ocean.
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